The Danish Society for Infection Prevention

The Danish Society for Infection Prevention was founded in 1969, initially called the Danish Society for Hospital Hygiene and Sterile Supply. Its initial vision was to provide an open forum for multidisciplinary colleagues with interest and expertise in hospital hygiene, sterile supply and the prevention of disease spread. The society has a close collaboration with related Scandinavian societies and is a member of The International Federation for Infection Control (IFIC), The World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply (WFHSS) and The European network to promote infection prevention for patient safety.

Membership includes individuals and institutions who are active within the sphere of interest of the society. This includes nurses, physicians, pharmacists, engineers and hospital administrators. 

The main activity of the society is an annual conference in Nyborg (geographically central in Denmark), typically in the middle of March. The 2-day conference attracts approximately 225 participants. Relevant and breaking topics are presented and discussed during planned sessions, free lectures, posters, exhibitions, etc. Particular weight is given to research and experience that may have an immediate practical application in daily practice. There is also ample opportunity to engage in dialogue or hands-on activities with representatives from companies who are designing and developing innovative solutions. As a supplement to the scientific programme, a lively social programme is included, providing a healthy opportunity to cultivate and nurture our professional and social networks.